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Our values


We cut through complexity, making things simpler and easier for our customers.


We create value for our customers and help them make lasting and sustainable improvement.


We are fluid and fast in delivering the best experiences to our customers.


We use disruptive technology and data to improve the lives of people.


We help conserve resources, increase food security, and reduce the impact of climate change.


We celebrate diversity and respect everyone regardless of disability, gender, race, and religion.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower farmers and businesses with actionable data to lower costs, increase yield, enhance quality and reduce waste.

Our vision

Our vision is to use data and artificial intelligence to build a food secure world.

How Farmdar began

The story of Farmdar begins on the founder’s own family farms.
As fourth generation farmers, practices and ground technologies had changed, but the accurate and insightful data to create sustainable change was still missing.

We began by creating crop health and stress data across 600 acres, and gradually developed products that could help us reduce waste,
reduce input cost, and maximize yields.

Once we realized the power of AI backed precision agriculture, we began to work closely with sugar factories, food processors, seed, crop protection and fertilizer companies, to give accurate crop data across hundreds of millions of acres.

This data driven approach to agribusiness has helped them reduce their climate impact, while increasing supply chain efficiency and enhancing planning, pricing strategies and overall business productivity.

Global need for Farmdar

The world’s population is set to exceed
10 billion people in just 30 years.

Global temperatures are expected to rise
1.5 degrees Celsius by 2050.

By then, the world’s food production will need to be doubled.
Simply growing more food for a larger population on more
land is not the solution.

That scale of agricultural activity is a recipe for climate catastrophe. With as much as 30% of the world’s agricultural production being lost or wasted, Farmdar makes agriculture sustainable and helps businesses reduce their climate impact
while increasing productivity and efficiency.

Food Processor

Procurement Head

"Farmdar has been transformative for our food processing operations. Their crop monitoring has been instrumental in sourcing top-quality potatoes, while digitizing field activities has allowed us to make quick decisions based on solid data."


Agri Business Head

"Our partnership has been a game-changer for our organic cotton production. The tech introduced by Farmdar let us precisely identify organic cotton acreages in the remotest areas and provided complete seed-to-bale traceability. This is preparing us for the
future of exports."

Sugar Mill

IT & Audit Head

"Working with Farmdar has been transformative for our business.
We not only detected sugarcane for better procurement, but also sugarcane varieties to create varietal impact over the next 5 years."

Sugar Mill

Procurement Head

"We are delighted with the exceptional services rendered by Farmdar, superior to all other services we have tried. Their diligent approach, profound understanding of our sugar mill culture, and attention to detail have significantly enhanced our cane procurement
processes and audit."

Sugar Mill

GM Cane

"Farmdar’s CropScan helped our team discover sugarcane in our main procurement area, yet outside of our knowledge. We procured record levels of sugarcane in the ‘23-’24 season."

Sugar Mill

GM Cane

"Farmdar’s Harvest Monitoring reports were instrumental in informing us about the sugarcane remaining in our area. Our teams did not
have to work in panic mode and the impact on pricing strategy
was excellent."

Sugar Mill

Chief Technology Officer

"With Farmdar’s Variety Classification we have started managing the problem of non-variety sugarcane cultivated in our area. We made great grower interventions, provided quality variety sugarcane seed, and have secured excellent recovery rates for next year."

Sugar Mill

GM Finance

"We closely monitored our loanee farmers, and made sure that we recovered our total amount during the first few weeks of season. Their (Farmdar’s) cane reporting enabled this, and the team
support was excellent."

Seed & Crop Protection

Regional Head

"Farmdar’s crop data has helped us to formulate an extremely strong business model for 2024 in terms of inventory stock levels, potential product demand, and establishing strong dealer networks in the
right areas. Their committed efforts, high speed, and positive work ethic ensured that we received country-wide data just in time
for national planning."

Seed & Crop Protection

Marketing & Commercial Lead

"This is world class technology. Farmdar’s data has proved itself to be extremely useful in telling us where to target our marketing efforts. CropScan empowered us to identify maize hotspots, and trends across the Punjab province which enables us to market our maize products in a systematic, streamlined, & planned manner."

Food Processor

Head of Agri

"Farmdar’s crop monitoring and productivity zone analytics served as the backbone of our first corporate project. They were instrumental in helping select the most productive farmers, monitored crops throughout the cycle, and took ownership of our project, acting as business stewards alongside the role of an AI agritech. Farmdar is one of the reasons the project has received a management
green-light for a larger scale."

Sugar Mill

Head of IT

"Farmdar’s CropScan reports improved our operations from end to end. In addition to enabling effective procurement, they helped us identify the overall crop trends in our area. This enabled us to approach growers and persuade them to grow more sugarcane.
This year we are aiming to procure more sugarcane local to our
area than ever before!"


Business Operations Analyst

"Farmdar  gave us the actionable knowledge to identify, and target a new territory for expansion and increasing sales. Our expansion is proving to be one of the most successful in recent years as the intel we received was extremely insightful, reliable, and was the basis of our channel strategy and commercial planning."

Forestry & Tree Count


"Tree-count data across a large area using traditional methods was very unreliable. Farmdar created a custom methodology for our area where trees are very small, and gave us clear data we could action on, covering planted, lost trees and density. We monitored on ground progress from our offices with better accuracy and much lower
team cost."

Seed & Crop Protection

Country Head

"Farmdar is not only a tech company: They spend lots of time understanding the business challenge and view the solution from an agri perspective. Their data helped us predict demand impacted sales, and enabled our farmers to take proactive measures for pests and diseases."

Find out how data can help your
business mitigate climate impact.

There are many ways Farmdar’s products can help your agribusiness reduce it’s impact on climate change.

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