Imagine if crops could talk

What if crops could tell you their exact location, acreage, variety, yield and harvesting time?

Or when and where a disease or pest attack is likely to occur, even health, stress, nitrogen, soil organic matter, the most productive zones and moisture levels. Be it from today’s date, or historically spanning across years.

Harnessing the power of AI and space technologies, we create vast crop data that is both accurate and actionable.

Till date, we have  covered +500 million acres, and have empowered many agribusinesses and allied industries to create  impact within their community, for the planet and in their business.

We use AI & space technologies at scale
for sustainability in agriculture.

Sugar Mills

Farmer registers on the app
and marks your field(s).

Seed, Crop protection and Fertilizer Businesses

We engage the right satellite to gather multi-band imagery and collect raw data from mobile real-time soil sensors.

Risk scoring and lending

Our Ai tech stack creates accurate and verified actionable data

Impact on farm

You get reports straight to
their mobile phone or desktop.

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Our Clients & Investors

Your business challenges are unique,
your solutions should be too.

For us to truly help create impact, it’s important that we understand you and your business.

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